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Roberta CECCHI

Roberta Cecchi was born on 16 August 1982 in Milano, Italy. She frequented a Experimental Artistic Gymnasium with figurative specialisation and at the end of this she’s been accepted to the Arte & Messaggio Civic School, at the Illustrator Designer course. During the last year of school she collaborate with the group "Le Cicale" Association, making school illustration for infancy. In 2004 begin to work with the Editorial "Stuzzicalibro" making cover paint, always the same year publish the book "Le avventure di Grifo il gufo" for MMC Edizioni and collaborate with the illustrator Giulia Orecchia. In 2005 go on to work for "Stuzzicalibro", realize a murales for the facade of the store, publish with Pelangibooks the books "Adam’s Apples", "Father’s day", "Special kids" and "Eavesdropping Eve", create publicity for inserts and reviews, and make a recreational laboratory for elementary school. After all this she win the first place to the literary contest Minimum Book with the poetry "Divine opera". This year she continues the collaborate with the review "Stuzzicalibro", publish with MMC Edizioni the sequel of "Le avventure di Grifo il gufo”, illustrate the story “The Creation Of Woman” for, execute designs for the American review “Iguana”, publish the poetry "Città" for Agenda Dei Poeti and writes(making interview and meeting the artist too) the biography of the painter and sculptor Cino Balleri.

1. Pour les enfants
8 juillet 2006
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